Board of Directors

Jon Walheim, President – Jon is a passionate advocate for the oceans and its inhabitants. Professionally, Jon is a Senior Operations and Technology Executive with a reputation for achieving significant strategic, transformational operational results leading to significant growth and cost savings for multi-billion dollar operations in financial services industries. He is currently Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development of Mattersight Corporation in San Francisco.

Francesca Koe – Francesca is a dedicated champion for ocean conservation — as manifest by her service as Former GFA President (2010 -2016) and her role in designing marine protected areas for our north central region as a primary stakeholder the CA Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. A multi-agency diving Instructor, competitive freediver and certified AIDA Judge, Francesca is also the editor-at- large for When she is not in the water Francesca works to advance the clean energy economy through a series of climate & energy related campaigns.

Ed Ueber, Vice President – Ed is the long-time, former superintendent of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and recently retired from a career with the National Park Service. He led the effort to create the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, which was incorporated in 1995. of Polar Bear International.

Robert J. Wilson, Treasurer – a retired attorney for the federal government, Bob now spends his time volunteering for marine issues. He has long been associated with The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito not only as a crew and stranding volunteer, but also as a Director emeritus and is the policy liaison for TMMC. He recently served as a stakeholder in the California Marine Life Protection Act process for establishing a network of marine protected areas in North Central California. He is also a former Director of Polar Bear International. Bob lives in Tiburon, CA.

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Terrence Gosliner, PhD – Terry is Senior Curator of Invertebrate Zoology
and Geology at California Academy of Sciences. Dr. Gosliner is also a leading researcher in the evolutionary history of nudibranchs (the colorful group also known as sea slugs), and has published more than 150 scientific papers and five books in his career. He served as Provost at the California Academy of Sciences and was responsible for overseeing the exhibits, research and education functions in the rebuilding of the Academy. He is deeply committed to marine conservation, especially in the Philippines and his native northern California.


Jeff Loomans – Jeff is a tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and cartoonist. He was elected to the GFA Board of Directors in September 2013 and is involved in the effort to restore Bolinas Lagoon to its natural state among other conservation efforts. Jeff is married, has a daughter, and lives in San Francisco.

Manon Settlemier Baze – Manon is a 6th generation San Franciscan with a love of the water in and around the bay. Her passion for the ocean encompasses racing sailboats, scuba diving, water skiing, bare boating, fishing, learning kite boarding, and almost anything having to do with, around or on the water. She has a Masters in Medicine from St. Francis University, and a BA in Geography from UC Berkeley. Currently, she excels at helping others obtain financial freedom and optimal health and teach them how to say yes to more. Manon also enjoys skiing, photography, nutrition and raising a healthy family.

Erica Mattson – Erica is a residential realtor with Pacific Union International in Lake Tahoe/Truckee. Erica’s passion for the ocean comes from her love of sailing and open water swimming. She is a former U.S. Sailing Team member and has competed in several Alcatraz swims. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the St. Francis Yacht Club and is a former Parliamentarian of the Junior League of San Francisco. She shares her life with her husband John and their dog

George B Brewster – George Brewster is Chief Operating Officer of Ashfield Capital Partners, a private wealth management firm founded in 1973 and based in San Francisco. He brings more than 40 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries, including real estate development and finance, private equity investment and operations, consulting, financial advisory, philanthropy and non-profit management, family office operations, investments and financial planning. George’s spare time pursuits include sailing, SCUBAdiving, flying, vintage autos, travel and photography.

DJ O’Neil – D.J. is the founder and CEO of Hub Strategy & Communication, an award winning design and advertising firm. At Hub, D.J. is a writer and director, and oversees the brand and creative development efforts for clients like Google, Nike, the Oakland A’s, Oculus Rift, Stanford Children’s health and the San Francisco 49ers. He is married and the father of two girls and his interests include surfing, fly-fishing, sailing, scuba diving, out-of-the-way travel, and painting.