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At Your School Programs

Crab Cab

What is a crab? How do crabs survive? Where do crabs live?
Students will learn about crabs through different interactive activities including crab dress-up, games, songs, and scientific observation of live crabs. Group size: minimum 12, maximum 24.  Length: 45 minutes.

The program is offered for Kindergarten - 3rd grades.




Seabird Shuttle

What does it take to be a successful seabird? How do they survive in such a harsh environment?

Students will learn about local seabirds, build a marine food web, learn about adaptations of marine birds and discuss ways that they can have a positive effect on the ocean and its ecosystems. Group size: minimum 12, maximum 36. Length: one hour.

The program is offered for grades 3 to 5.




Bring this exciting program on shark biology to your school.
Explore the myth and reality of sharks from around the world. Discover the unique daptations, diverse forms and lifestyles of sharks through hands-on artifacts and activities. Group size: minimum 12, maximum 36.  Length: 60 minutes.

The program is offered for grades 4-6.



Germs in Our Waters Infecting Our Otters

Bring the biology of pathogens and how they affect marine mammals to your 5th-7th grade class!
Students will learn about sea otter ecology, the importance of coastal wetland restoration and how pathogens affect all marine mammals. Through interactive games, activities and specimens this program will engage your class in fascinating germy science! Group size: minimum 12, maximum 32.  Length: 60 minutes.

The program is offered for grades 5-7.



Ocean Acidification: A Sea of Change

Your students can explore the emerging science of ocean acidification right in your middle school or high school classroom.
Students will observe live plankton samples and learn how increasing acidity affects ocean food webs and larval stages of organisms. This program will introduce your class to the process behind the changing chemistry and biology of the earth's oceans. Group size: minimum 12, maximum 32.  Length: 60 minutes.

The program is offered for grades 6-12.


Exploring Deep Sea Corals

Take your class on an incredible journey hundreds of feet beneath the surface of the ocean!Using research footage from a Remotely Operated Vehicle, your students will utilize real scientific methods to explore the deep sea coral communities found along the California Coastline. They will also learn about the threats that these precious ecosystems face and the importance of long-term scientific monitorig and protection. Group size: minimum 12, maximum 32. Length: 60 minutes.

Grade Level: 9th-12th.



Cost for programs given in the same visit:
1 program: $115 per program
2 programs: $90 per program ($180 total)
3 or more programs: $85 per program
Please note: mileage fees may apply.

Registration: Contact: Rietta Hohman, Marine Science Educator, at (415) 561-6625 (extension 202)


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