These Perch fish are common freshwater fish that live in small ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. They are usually around 15 inches long, and 2.2 pounds. The yellow perch is most common in the bay area.

Rockfish is a general term for many different species. They get their name from their favorite hiding spots, (you guessed it) rocks! The most common in the Great Farallones is the Sebastes fish, which is a specific term used to define around 109 species of fish themselves.

The lingcod fish is very common in the north pacific, from Alaska to down to Baja California. At its largest, it can get up to 60 inches long and 130 pounds in w

Halibut is a type of flatfish, which are common in the north pacific. The largest one recorded was 515 pounds and 8.6 feet long in Norway. Their eyes are on one side of their heads, with the top of their bodies being brown, to look like the ocean floor from above, and white, to look like the sun from below. This is known as countershading!