Board of Directors

Jeff Loomans, GFA Board President

Jeff Loomans, President – Jeff is a tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and cartoonist. He was elected to the GFA Board of Directors in September 2013 and is involved in the effort to restore Bolinas Lagoon to its natural state among other conservation efforts. Jeff is married, has a daughter, and lives in San Francisco.

Thomas Maslow, GFA Board Secretary

Thom Maslow, Vice President – Thom has served as a senior executive in consumer entertainment and educational technology with Mattel, Interval Research,, USA Networks, Warner Bros., Disney and ABC. His projects and credits include: Moonlighting, The Color Purple, Who Shot Roger Rabbit?, Lethal Weapon, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,,, and the 35th America’s Cup in San Francisco. Thom’s passions away from work include tennis, yacht racing, skiing and he is a member of St. Francis Yacht Club and Foster City Tennis Club. Thom is a fourth generation sailor, diver and avid conservator of the ocean.

Henry Lincoln, GFA Board Director

Henry Lincoln (Coach Henry), Treasurer – Henry Lincoln, known to most as Coach Henry, is CEO of HDL Enterprises (High Definition Living), specializing in Leadership Training and Consulting. Henry also serves as an Administrator for City Arts and Leadership High School in San Francisco. Henry served for 10 years in the U.S. Navy and is a Persian Gulf War Veteran with numerous commendations. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, his love for the ocean and water activities has been life long. Henry’s passion is to inspire, educate, enrich and empower families in our communities to take advantage of positive experiences.

Susan Kawala, GFA Board Director

Susan Kawala, Secretary – Susan grew up sailing on the San Francisco Bay and has always been passionate about protecting and preserving the environment. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in International Economics, and earned a Juris Doctor degree from Golden Gate University School of Law. She has had a varied legal career in both the public and private sectors. Susan served as a California State Deputy Attorney General for more than 13 years, where she regulated nonprofit entities. She currently works as a consultant for Orion Executive Consultants, specializing in governance and regulatory compliance. Susan recently completed a board training and certification program at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Close-up photo of Manon

Manon Ann Baze – Manon is a 6th generation San Franciscan with a love of the ocean. Her passion encompasses racing sailboats, scuba diving, water skiing, bare boating, fishing, learning wing foiling, and almost anything having to do with, on, or around the water. Manon also enjoys skiing, hiking, bicycling, reading, nutrition education and raising her daughter. She has a Masters in Medicine from St. Francis University, and a BA in Geography from UC Berkeley.

Victor Belfor, GFA Board Director

Victor Belfor – Passionate about environment and the ocean, Victor has a life-long passion for diving ignited by watching Jacques Yves Cousteau as a child. But diving all over Asia, Africa, Australia, Central and South America always leads back home to California shores from Mendocino Coast to La Jolla cove. Victor’s career has been focused on rapid growth of technology companies in the US and globally. His area of expertise is sales, marketing, business development and go-to-market strategy development and execution. He’s currently Senior Vice President of Business Development at Conversica LLC.

George B. Brewster, GFA Board Treasurer

George B. Brewster – George Brewster is a consultant to investors with significant commercial real estate portfolios and a Registered Investment Advisor affiliated with Rockefeller Capital Management. He received his JD from Columbia University and his BA from Bard College. George has been an enthusiastic diver since he was thirteen, and holds Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Nitrox certifications.

Debbie Fournier, GFA Board Director

Debbie Fournier – Debbie spent many years in commercial banking, concluding her career as a senior level risk management executive at Bank of the West. A 4th generation San Franciscan, and 3rd generation UC Berkeley alum, Debbie enjoys sailing in and around the San Francisco Bay, bare boat chartering and other travel, skiing, stitching and sampling local wineries. Sailing out on the ocean provides Debbie with a unique appreciation of its beauty, vastness and diversity of sea life, as well as a compelling desire to ensure the ocean’s long term health.

Francesca Koe, GFA Board Director

Francesca Koe – Francesca is a dedicated champion for ocean conservation—as manifest by her service as Former GFA Board President (2010 -2016) and her role in designing marine protected areas for our north central region as a primary stakeholder for the CA Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. A multi-agency diving Instructor, competitive freediver and certified AIDA Judge, Francesca is also the editor-at-large for When she is not in the water Francesca works to advance the clean energy economy through a series of climate & energy related campaigns.

Brad wears a brown hat and grey jacket and stands in front of a pierhouse along the bay.

Brad McCrea – Brad spent 23 years in coastal management at the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC). As BCDC’s Director of Regulatory, Brad oversaw the work of the five teams that reviewed a vast number of coastal projects, including wetland restorations, coastal structures, the management of dredged sediment, public access, maritime transportation, and all major shoreline developments. Brad grew up along the San Francisco Bay shoreline and his dedication to ocean conservation and education is a natural extension of his lifelong commitment to protection of the Bay.

Board of Directors Emeritus

Terrence Gosliner, Emeritus

Terrence Gosliner, PhD – Terry is Senior Curator of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology at California Academy of Sciences. Dr. Gosliner is also a leading researcher in the evolutionary history of nudibranchs (the colorful group also known as sea slugs), and has published more than 150 scientific papers and five books in his career. He served as Provost at the California Academy of Sciences and was responsible for overseeing the exhibits, research and education functions in the rebuilding of the Academy. He is deeply committed to marine conservation, especially in the Philippines and his native northern California.

Ed Ueber, Emeritus

Ed Ueber – Ed is the former superintendent of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and retired from a career with the National Park Service. He led the effort to create the Greater Farallones Association, which was incorporated in 1995.