Seabird Protection

Greater Farallones Association partners with Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary to help seabirds thrive through the Seabird Protection Network (SPN).

When people, boats, or aircrafts get too close, seabirds flee, endangering newborn chicks who may be left behind. Working directly with stakeholders, SPN has significantly reduced boat and aircraft disturbances to key seabird colonies along the North-central California coast, helping seabirds and other marine animals thrive.

Association staff has presented to hundreds of military, Coast Guard, and civilian pilots to educate them on the need to fly “seabird safe.”  SPN reduces disturbances to the 3,000 sensitive seabirds nesting at Devil’s Slide Rock through outreach to participants at Dream Machines Air Show, a popular event for plan enthusiasts.

View recordings of past virtual events on the Greater Farallones Association YouTube Channel.