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Image of sunset over GFNMS. Bright orange and yellow sun rays beam through broaken clowds and the sea surface is a deep hue of purple.

Executive Director Deb Self Passes the Baton to Monika Krach

March 14, 2024

After five years of exemplary leadership at Greater Farallones Association, Deb Self has decided to step down as Executive Director to devote more time to family and home life. The Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that Monika Krach will be stepping into the role of Executive Director of the Greater Farallones Association, effective April 1st.


Julieta Gomez (left) and Rachael Karm (right) show off strands of kelp at the Bodega Marine Lab.

Picture a Scientist: Julieta Gomez

January 18, 2024

Julieta Gomez is a Kelp Restoration Specialist at Greater Farallones Association, and an affiliate with Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries. She is our resident kelp nursery caregiver. Chatting over tea, Julieta spilt the tea on what it’s like being a scientific diver, researcher, sea cucumber obsessed, fierce advocate in marine science.


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