The Greater Farallones Association engages youth from middle and high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area with ocean science through LiMPETS, our Long-Term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students. LiMPETS provides hands-on, science-based environmental education that empowers students to become informed and engaged ocean stewards. The LiMPETS statewide program, which connects over 5,000 students to the ocean each year, involves youth directly in a hands-on scientific endeavor, and increases their knowledge of marine environments and marine species, the many threats to our ocean ecosystems, and the importance of those ecosystems to our planet and our lives.

The program’s secondary goal is to provide valuable scientific data to researchers, natural resource managers, and policy makers. Students record their data in the LiMPETS database which contains 16 years of data sets that have been used in peer-reviewed scientific journals and numerous reports. Students are empowered by the knowledge that their research will inform the work of real scientists.

It’s an incredible opportunity for my students, universally respected as something real and important. The GFA scientists and educators are fantastic ambassadors for the oceans.
—Teacher Jon Lew