ABC 7 News – Tuesday and Wednesday’s high tides were several feet higher than normal — a phenomenon known as “king tides” that were once a mystery, but now easily predicted thanks to many decades of data. At the end of a narrow pier in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge sits a tiny house with a big job: ever since the Gold Rush, it’s the place where oceanographers have charted the tides coming in and out of San Francisco Bay.

Biological Conservation – We are proud to announce the publication of Ecosystem-based management affecting Brandt’s Cormorant resources and populations in the central California Current region in the peer-reviewed journal Biological Conservation (2018). The Beach Watch program contributed data and Greater Farallones Association program manager, Kirsten Lindquist, co-authored the paper.

The California Report – Ecologists Strike Back Against Invasive Green Crabs The European green crab is costing the fishing industry nineteen million dollars a year on the East Coast alone. And now, the invasive species has been spotted up and down the West Coast from British Columbia to here in California. But a group of California ecologists are striking back. The team has focused their efforts on a small inlet in Marin County called Seadrift Lagoon. The key to fending off this species is to let them grow into adulthood.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Agency, Office of Response & Restoration – Sentinels of the Coast: Surveying the Beaches After Cosco Busan. On Nov. 7, 2007 reports on the Cosco Busan spill reached Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Staff of the Sanctuary and Greater Farallones Association began to mobilize Farallones Beach Watch volunteers.

ABC 7 News – Young scientists attend San Jose gathering with Ph.Ds. The Greater Farallones Association’s LiMPETS program empowered high school students to present their sceince alongside professionals. “It was incredible to have scientists coming up to us, asking questions about our research. They were all blown away by how we’re only in high school, and we have the opportunity to present at a prestigious conference,” said Frankie Gerraty at The Branson School.

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