Programs & Initiatives

The Greater Farallones Association protects the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary through scientific research, restoration, and environmental education. Our programs explore everything from plankton and sea stars to seals, birds and whales.

Citizen Science

The GFA train citizen scientist volunteers that work with Sanctuary biologists to maintain the health of the Sanctuary, restore significant habitat, and combat the impacts of ocean climate change. Our programs provide 10,000 volunteer hours in the field each year, and our citizen scientists provide critical data and research that help ensure our ocean waters are pristine and the ocean wildlife are thriving.

Trained volunteers collecting vital wildlife data


Students contributing to coastal science

Marine Debris

Volunteers study & remove trash on beaches

Restoration & Conservation

Ocean Climate Initiative

Ocean Climate Change Program synthesizes climate and ecological data from many sources, engages stakeholder groups, makes policy recommendations, and implements climate resilience projects.

Education & Outreach

The Greater Farallones Association offers a wide array of exciting and engaging learning experiences, including tidepooling, kayaking, lectures, field excursions, workshops, classes, exhibits and more.