Corporate Volunteering Events

The Greater Farallones Association, a non-profit based in San Francisco, needs your help collecting data about our coastal environment. We offer fun, interactive, outdoor volunteering events for companies in the Bay Area. The outings are a great way to get your team offsite, work together learning new tasks, and actively help protect our coasts and oceans!

Survey Sand Crabs and Marine Debris at Ocean Beach

Participate in meaningful science and have a great time at the beach! For groups of 12-40 individuals, kick off your shoes and join marine scientists at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to study coastal ecology and marine debris. Working together in teams, you will handle live animals and learn to tell the difference between males and female crabs. You will also collect important marine debris data for a national program that will inform management and policy recommendations!

Bolinas Lagoon Restoration

Volunteers participating in this program will help restore unique sand dune habitat, promote the return of native plants, and improve the health of Bolinas Lagoon through the removal of invasive vegetation on Kent Island. Participants take a short row boat ride to the island, and get hands on training to identify and remove invasive plants while learning about the importance of native vegetation. Enjoy the serenity of being on your own island where the setting is spectacular!

Community Science at Half Moon Bay Tidepools

Spend the day exploring and collecting data on Pillar Point’s rocky reef! Your group of 8-25 individuals will collect scientific information on intertidal animals – like mussels, anemones, and sea stars – at low tide alongside marine biologists. You can expect a fun-filled day exploring the hidden creatures in the intertidal habitat. Don’t forget your rubber boots or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet!


  • Corporate volunteer events are 2-3 hours long, including a 20-minute training.
  • All gloves, tools, equipment and instructions are provided. Please bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, layers, and your own water bottle.
  • Interested in scheduling a corporate event? Contact us at or call (415) 530-5371.