Greater Farallones Naturalist Course

Discover the diverse and abundant marine life in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Join sanctuary staff on field explorations, in citizen science initiatives, and to learn about the latest marine research. Hands-on dissections, plankton trawling, and wildlife investigations are all part of the curriculum. Delve into the world of oceanography and food webs, sanctuary habitats from the deep sea to the rocky shore, marine mammals, sharks and other fish, invertebrates, seabirds, and shorebirds. Earn your Sanctuary Naturalist Course certificate by attending all sessions and volunteering a minimum of 15 hours.

Cost: $300 for the full 30-hour course (adults only)

Location: Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary office, Presidio of San Francisco (except field trips)

2020 Class Schedule:

Saturday, February 8: Intro to Sanctuary Habitats, Oceanography & Food Webs

Saturday, February 15: Sandy Beach

Saturday, February 22: Bays & Estuaries Fieldtrip (10am-3pm)

Saturday, February 29: Marine Mammals

Saturday, March 7: Rocky Shore Fieldtrip (11am–5:30pm)

Saturday, March 14: Fish (White Sharks)

Saturday, March 21: Seabirds & Shorebirds

Saturday, March 28: Student Presentations & Potluck (9:30am-1pm)

Registration closed.

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