Our Team

Photo of Laura Mayock wearing a light green windbreaker with binoculars around her neck. A field setting is seen in the background.

Laura Velasco Mayock

Seabird Protection Network Outreach Coordinator

(NOAA Affiliate)

Laura Velasco Mayock (she/her) is the Seabird Protection Network Outreach Coordinator. She brings six years of leadership in community and political organizing for reproductive health and rights with Planned Parenthood to the Greater Farallones Association, and holds a BA in Political Science from Boston College. Laura was born and raised in the Bay Area and after spending years living abroad and on the East Coast, she is thrilled to be back home and making a meaningful impact on coastal resilience. In her free time, she birds, hikes, and scuba dives, conducting kelp forest monitoring surveys with Reef Check and culling overpopulated urchin on the North Coast.