Support Your Sanctuary

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary is a productive and diverse ocean ecosystem unlike any other in the world. The Sanctuary covers 3,295 square miles of coast, estuaries, and open ocean, and is home to over 350,000 breeding seabirds and 37 species of marine mammals. The Sanctuary protects our waters from oil drilling and adds $87.2 million from recreation, $17.5 million from recreational fishing and $16.3 million from commercial fishing to the California and US economies annually.

Currently, our National Marine Sanctuary protects Northern California coast from oil and gas extraction. However, nearly all U.S. waters, including the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary northern expansion area, would be opened to new offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling under Trump’s America First Offshore Energy Executive Order.

With our Sanctuary under threat, please join the Greater Farallones Association in keeping our waters beyond the Golden Gate protected by submitting a public comment to the administration by March 9th. Enter your information below to make your voice heard!

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