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The Greater Farallones Association offers classes, excursions, and events for the whole family. Return to this page frequently to see the latest event schedule.

Family Workshops

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Dive deeper into ocean science as a family at our Sanctuary Visitor Center Family Workshops. Led by our team of marine science educators, these weekend workshops are perfect for 4–10 year old budding marine biologists and their families.

Build an ROV
Saturday, January 20th  |  10am or 1pm

Greater Farallones Visitor Center, 991 Marine Drive, San Francisco

In the workshop, participants will learn the important parts of an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and how they help scientists discover the mysteries of the deep ocean. They will watch real footage from deep-sea submersible explorations taken in the marine sanctuaries along the California coast. Participants will also put together and build their own ROV’s and test drive them in the water off our pier classroom.

Discover Plankton
Saturday, January 28th  |  10am or 1pm

Greater Farallones Visitor Center, 991 Marine Drive, San Francisco

Join us for an exciting exploration of the weird and wonderful world of plankton in the waters just off Crissy Field. Be dazzled by diatoms, dinoflagellates and copepods. Discover bizarre larvae from barnacles, crabs and mussels. Participants get their own samples and use their own microscopes.

COST: $10 per participant (example: 1 Parent + 2 children = $30)

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Sanctuary Explorations


The Sanctuary Explorations Series provides monthly opportunities for you to connect with, and experience, the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.

Gray Whale Watching
Sunday, January 21st  |  9:00am-12:00pm

Half Moon Bay

Witness the mighty gray whale migration on this half-day cruise. Join our sanctuary naturalists as we venture into the southbound migration path of the gray whale as they head through our marine sanctuaries, traveling from Arctic feeding grounds to Baja California breeding grounds. Learn about their natural history, their recovery from near extinction, and the survival challenges posed by their roughly 12,000 mile round-trip journey. Discover the natural history and adaptations of the seabirds, porpoises, seals and sea lions we encounter.

COST: $57/person

Ages 8+; minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Space is limited. Registration Required!


Elephant Seal Walk
Saturday, February 3rd |  9:15am-12pm OR 1pm-3:45pm

Año Nuevo State Park

Enjoy a special, in-depth experience of Año Nuevo State Park’s famous elephant seal colony. We’ll start with an exclusive glimpse into the latest discoveries about the elephant seals in our sanctuaries. Then we’ll embark on a walk to observe them firsthand, led by sanctuary and State Parks interpretive naturalists. Año Nuevo is one of the largest mainland breeding colonies of northern elephant seals in the world! Every year up to 10,000 elephant seals visit to breed, give birth, and molt. Watch males battle for prime beach real estate and the right to mate, while females birth and suckle their newborn pups. Learn about the fascinating natural history, behavior and ecology of northern elephant seals while observing them during this fun and dynamic walk!

COST: $15/person (*parking is an additional $10/vehicle at the park.)

Ages 8+; minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Space is limited. Registration Required!

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Art & Science Soirées


Art & Science Soirées are fantastic events for adults to hear from world-renowned scientists. Enjoy complimentary wine or beer, create your own artwork, and learn about the amazing wildlife in the Sanctuary.

2018 Soirée Calendar
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COST: $20, includes two complimentary drinks.

Adults 16 and older

Space is limited. Registration Required!

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