8th Season of Kent Island Restoration Complete!

November 10, 2021

Each year, we head out with our partners at Marin County Parks and dedicated volunteers to remove invasive plants from this important Bolinas Lagoon island. The unique ecosystem of Kent Island had previously become overrun with non-native vegetation like ice plant, fennel, and European beachgrass, leaving little room for native species and impacting the island’s ability to facilitate water and sand movement around the lagoon. Removing harmful non-native species helps the natural wetland ecosystem thrive and promotes the return of native species.

This season, 109 community volunteers and 45 staff volunteers spent hundreds of hours removing thousands of invasive plants! This marks the 8th year that the community has come together to help restore this important Sanctuary habitat. 

A total of 11 events were held from July through October, including nine community volunteer removal days, with two for local youth summer camps; one garbage removal event in celebration of Coastal Cleanup Day (with 40 lbs of garbage removed!); and a staff removal day attended by Greater Farallones Association, Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and Marin County employees. 

The impacts of this work are seen not just on the island with the return of native plants and animals, invasive plant removal also restores the island’s natural ability to shift and move with currents, winds, and waves; and improves water and sediment transport throughout Bolinas Lagoon. Read more

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This project is led by Marin County Parks. See their website for more information.

Read more about the Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Program.