Watershed Advocacy Via Environmental Science (WAVES) Program

Through the Watershed Advocacy Via Environmental Science (WAVES) program, we are proud to partner with the Seven Tepees Youth Program to provide a marine science internship program for Black and Latino middle and high schoolers residing in some of San Francisco’s most underserved neighborhoods. Participants experience engaging, hands-on environmental education, science learning, and real-world exposure that we hope inspires an interest in pursuing careers in marine science and conservation.  

The Seven Tepees Youth Program’s mission is to “work with urban youth entrusted to our care to foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices and to create their own opportunities for success.” At Greater Farallones Association, we partner with Seven Tepees and the Sanctuary to bring the WAVES summer educational program to under-resourced high school-aged youth. The program includes three weeks of activities, typically in-person out in the field and in the classroom, but currently through virtual platforms. 

Greater Farallones helps deliver marine science lessons, while Seven Tepees facilitates independent projects for the students wherein students collect and analyze natural history observations in their neighborhoods. Our programming includes lessons on common Sanctuary animals like seabirds, plankton, salmon, squid, sharks, crabs, and more, all involving interactive quizzes, dissections, dances/movement activities, and live animal demonstrations. 

A unique aspect of the WAVES program includes the “teach back” feature, wherein after the high school students complete their course, they deliver educational presentations to younger middle school students in the Seven Tepees program. Through this, we aim to inspire mentorships and a further sense of inclusivity among the students. 

To alleviate some of the financial burdens during the coronavirus pandemic, Greater Farallones Association will be providing this educational program at no cost for summer 2020.   

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